Here are some commonly asked questions about Charlie Foxtrot.
Who can use Charlie Foxtrot?

ANYONE working within the aviation, aeronautical or airport industries

How do we start?

You simply select the appropriate option from the home page (for example We need assistance reviewing a contract) to access a request form. From here you can complete the form and upload any relevant documentation before submitting your query. You will hear from one of Charlie Foxtrot’s Coordinators within 48 hours

Can Charlie Foxtrot respond to all our legal issues or only those in connection with aviation, aeronautic or airport regulations?

The lawyers selected by Charlie Foxtrot can deal with all business law issues, including but not limited to aviation, aeronautic or airport regulations. Do not hesitate to contact them for issues relating to labour law, company law, tax and customs law, investments, restructuring of business units, contracts, leases, negotiations, disputes, intellectual property law, criminal law, etc.

Who will deal with our request?

All information forwarded to Charlie Foxtrot is received by one of our company Coordinators, who will examine your request and contact you if he requires further information. Once he has sufficient information, he will select an appropriate lawyer to deal with your query, this lawyer will contact you directly with a quote

Who will deal with our case?

The Coordinator will select an approved lawyer from the Charlie Foxtrot network*, depending upon the specific requirements of each individual case or query.

*(Please note this could be the Coordinators’ own law firm for any issue submitted to French law).

Do we pay to submit a request form?

No, you do not pay to submit a request form or raise a concern on the Charlie Foxtrot website. You will only pay legal fees once you have received and approved a quotation from one of the lawyers in the Charlie Foxtrot network.

For more information on costs please refer to How much is it?

What if the nature of our request does not correspond to one of the icons on the home page?

In such a situation, please select We need legal advice on a specific issue and complete the request form with as much detail as possible including any information you feel is relevant to your case.

What information and documents should we provide when completing the request form?

We suggest you submit any information which you feel is relevant to explain the initial outline of your query and enable the Coordinators to select the right lawyer for your situation. If either the Coordinators or the chosen lawyer require any further detail, they will contact you for this in due course

Are the documents and information provided confidential?

Yes, all information and documents submitted through the Charlie Foxtrot website are protected by the attorney-client privilege

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any further questions, please write to us at mayday@charlie-foxtrot.fr
or call +33 (0)1 48 16 20 40